QuickBooks: A Must Have Accounting Software Package


What is QuickBooks?

Intuit a business and a software packaging company designed and marketed an accounting software package for the small and medium scale businesses under the name QuickBooks. Though the exact date of the launch of the software is not known, the basic and the pro versions of the software were out in the markets as early as in the year 2003. The initial versions were industry-specific. However, they developed other versions that can be used by medium size companies irrespective of the industry they belonged to. Today even international versions are available.


Reasons to use QuickBooks:

  • Once you have this thing properly installed in the system, they are extremely adaptable and easy to use.
  • The best thing about QuickBooks is that they are specifically designed for small and medium industries with a user-friendly interface.
  • QuickBooks can work well with vertical market applications which enable you to export all your industry –specific applications into QuickBooks. So all your applications are integrated all the time, and you can retrieve them anytime, anywhere regardless of your location.
  • When your business grows in size and QuickBooks become outdated, you can switch to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This is a win-win situation for both the user and Intuit. In some way, you are always sticking around them.
  • QuickBooks can also be synchronized with your favorite apps like Google, Square, Shopify, PayPal and many more.
  • QuickBooks also offers cloud service under the banner QuickBooks Online (QBO). In case if you need to extract details on the go and cannot get access to your software, now with QBO you can get access to them. This is simply accounting on the online platform.

When QuickBooks might be a wrong choice:

  • Since QuickBooks is industry-specific software, you might face trouble when your business is highly diversified, and you need one software that can easily manage all your stuff.
  • It is non-custom developed software which means you cannot change the way it works as per your desire. In such circumstances, you might not find QuickBooks falling in line with you.

How to use QuickBooks?

  • Install the QuickBooks software on your system, preferably the one which holds your accounting details and transactions.
  • There are a lot of QuickBooks apps that will help you maintain accounts with ease. Learn how to put them to use.
  • Create an account, either with the details of the proprietor or with the details of the company.
  • Reconcile your accounts with the QuickBooks software.
  • You can also add your banking details and gain access to your bank accounts through this software.
  • Synchronize the software with your mobile and get invoices and payment details in one click.


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